According to the Insurance Act, an authorized insurance intermediary (broker) primarily protects the interests of the client, whereas the insurer or insurance agent primarily protects the interests of the insurer.

Our activities include initiating, proposing or performing preparation activities for the conclusion of insurance contracts, providing assistance in the exercise of rights under insurance contracts, especially in addressing claims for damages against insurance companies.
In order to fulfill your expectations with regard to insurance operations, which primarily concern adequate damages compensation and professional consulting during the process of lodging and processing a claim for damages, the conclusion of an insurance contract must include the following steps:
  • Analysis of existing insurance contracts/policies/programs with regard to claims paid/rejected, current and potential exposure to insurance risks
  • Structuring relevant data for the preparation of an adequate insurance coverage program
  • Examining the options on the insurance market and negotiating with insurance companies 
  • Control and monitoring of the fulfillment of obligations assumed by the insurer (policy control, timely policy renewal...)
  • Claim notification and expert assistance in the process of the determination and payment of adequate damages
Preparation of an insurance program tailored to the specific qualities, requirements and challenges of your business activities and operations, both for corporate clients and public partners.

With more than 20 years of experience in handling insurance claims for damages and the ability to additionally substantiate and strengthen your claims for damages, our expert team is at your disposal for out-of-court settlements, as well as for full legal assistance and the protection of your rights in a court of law. Give us the opportunity to manage your insurance compensation process.